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At Ziefah, we are committed to improving access to quality mental health care for our ummah. We believe when providers receive the support they need and work with clients that fit who and how they want to work, mental health care can be a meaningful experience for everyone. To achieve this, we provide administrative and logistical support to help you manage scheduling and billing needs, and we equip you with branding and marketing to support to grow your practice. Above all, we thoroughly vet clients, so that you can serve clients who are ready to invest in therapy both emotionally and financially. At Ziefah, we give you the tools you need to serve the ummah in the best way possible.

You have complete control over how you run your practice. Because of our membership structure, we focus on how Ziefah can serve you — not the other way around. As a member, you control over what your practice looks like, who you serve, how many clients you see each week, how much you charge per session, to what type of therapy modality you use. No matter how you structure your practice, we're here to help you build, grow, and manage your practice.

No. We charge a monthly fee which includes access to the network, management support and other benefits. You keep the income from your cash-pay clients.

No. You have full autonomy when it comes to how many insurance clients you'd like to see. Our mission to improve access to affordable and culturally responsive mental health care for Muslims. We're grateful if that means we help one client or a million insurance clients. We just want to make a difference in the ummah.

Ziefah is designed to support your practice regardless if your clients exist outside the app. We'll take care of all of your clients regardless of whether they come from.

We designed our service to cater to Muslims specifically regardless of their background and sect. We pre-qualify and pre-vet patients specifically tailored to your preferences.

Our aim is to find the best fit for both you and your client. We recognize that even with our thorough vetting process, not every prospect will be the right fit for your practice. We encourage that you and your prospective client communicate and get to know each other prior to your first consultation. However, if you need to decline a consultation, we will work with the prospect to find another provider at Ziefah.

As a member of the provider network, you will have tutorials, training, and other digital tools to help grow your practice.

We're hope to launch a beta version on the app by Winter 2023.

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